Presenting our review system

This is the page we dedicate to showing our users the steps we take when writing our elaborated reviews. We decided to show this to everyone because we wanted to maintain a transparent approach to our work. This page is parcelled into our pre-rewriting research, our brand reviews, our bonuses, which way we recommend using our website, and lastly, what we want our readers to take home from it all.

Casino research: connecting the dots in the industry and beyond it

Since we started this project, we have observed a sharp discrepancy between the websites’ supposed rules and how the gambling experience indeed was. This pushed us forward to create a better method of examining and marketing the Canadian casino offers we discovered from safe and licence virtual gambling houses. See the sub-sections below for specific  sources we select from and our reasoning for doing so.

The casino website’s terms of use

Are the terms transparent and user-friendly?

This is a vital piece of authorship for our reviewing and rating process; an attentive browse through our Terms and Conditions is the most precise way to settle the level of transparency a site proposes to its current and future users. Thus, after creating a player account, the designated expert will read through all the terms of use and note both the good and the bad aspects. For example, a casino may state that they transfer the cashed-out sums within three days but may reserve the right to delay payments for further verifications, which have not been previously mentioned.

Are the required privacy mechanisms maintained?

Our investigations include other informational pages like the Privacy Policies and the Cookie Policies. Using their skills, our team members will be able to highlight both the beneficial aspects stated in them, as well as the problematic details. If the player data is shared with third-party marketing bodies, that should be mentioned in the policies. This also includes sharing data outside Canada, as some casinos store material in Indian or Southeast Asian territories.

Social and psychological academic research

Our team keeps up with the latest scholarly studies that relate to online and offline gambling in-between tasks. We keep reading the reports that come out of Universities and other research institutions about how gambling affects people’s daily lives. Our awareness covers both the dangerous aspects of problem gambling and the uplifting effects it has on the social and mindfulness skills for certain groups of recreational players. Further details can be found in our Responsible Gaming section.

The latest journalistic reports

As we mentioned in our About Us page, we participate as often as possible in gambling events. Whenever we cannot go, we keep up with the press reports about what goes on in the industry. Our involvement covers all aspects, from casino trusts to providers and specialized events in the domain like ICE North America, SBC Summit, etc. We also keep an eye on the latest business moves reported in the specific news sources or popular news sources.

Industry statistics from gaming authorities

Although we will not delve too deep into the details here, we look closely at the UKGC, MGA, and The Curacao Gaming Control Board. They, periodically, give out bunches of data regarding gambling trends, player preferences, and modern game-control tools. Each significant data package released is read and used by us in our reviews, articles, and dedicated player know-how, either wholly or in a summary form. This is one of the many ways we employ to always keep our users up to date.

Compiled information from statistic and data research facilities

We often use websites and charts related to gambling, which are put together by online institutions that are not solely dedicated to our domain. However, we are able to extract what we deem necessary and share it with our interested readers. For example, device usage preference is crucial for us as a specialized online business. We can also determine an average casino user profile from such data, with facts such as gender, age, social status, educational background, and other predilections. Using these details, we can then adapt our style to achieve a better approach. 

Local and federal legislative texts

As we have mentioned many times before, our respect and following of the law are inflexible. We aim at giving accurate news tied to these changes. That is why our team and our consulting associates keep a close look at the updates made by the Canadian regions and the federal government concerning brick and mortar casinos and virtual wagering. In case significant changes occur, we first verify them and then proceed to announce our subscribers through newsletters, social media updates, and website posts; this is a real-time process. For this reason, among others, we believe our website plays the role of a gambling guide.

Following casino journals in detail

We are subscribed to casino journals, magazines, and encyclopedias in our mission to improve our expertise. Let’s consider that a text from an outside source is worth a read. We will either link it at the end of a text/review or, in case it is not entirely available online, we make a summary of it and present it cohesively. We aim at being a source of both entertainment and education in the industry. We either integrate these details in a longer explicative material or in brief social media updates.

Periodical economy reports

We strongly believe that gambling should not make any negative impact on one’s budget. We use our past experience as gamblers to give you frank advice on how to manage a budget. Our guiding does not limit itself to that, however. Informing ourselves about the stock market, the financial exchange, news on crypto-currencies and many more, we also try to keep everyone up to date with the wisest tips regarding finances, pertaining mostly to the e-gaming activities.

When evaluating a specific label or casino, we also look into their recent history to see if we can find evidence that they have been fined by the regulatory bodies they depend on. If so, we underline that in the specific page.

Depending on what type of text we create, we combine all or just some of the options above and deliver something based on personal and external information. This is our method of packaging and sharing our knowledge.  To further strengthen our commitment to transparency, all investigated sources will be linked after the text’s main body.

The framework for our online casino reviews: testing each feature available

We never formulate an opinion in our reviews before we perform multiple tests on the platforms in question. In this part of our presentation, we show readers how and why we evaluate the features, each one unique from the other. One can expect the following grouping of the mini sections below. Casino play and all the derivatives are showcased first, which is where we also detail some more about the types of bonuses available. Then the technical and legal aspects follow.

Deciding if the gaming experience is set at a high standard

Interface efficiency on all devices

We made the decision to start by commenting on this approach as it relates to everything that shall follow.The permanent background of one’s sessions at the casino is the desktop and/or mobile interface. That is why we log in to the casino profile from a computer and then a mobile device, to see if the pages and gate of olympus demo are optimized.  We will note any lags, bugs, or mishaps in the primary and secondary pages. Similarly, we shall comment on these issues, as seen in the mobile apps, if there is one.

The quality of the website and app encryption

A firm security protocol is an important feature that both our gambling and IT experts analyze at the top of the list. When we check out this site characteristic, we look for how new it is and how safe it keeps the data and the sums of money. Security breaches are a significant fault of online platforms with integrated pay. For this reason, we will clearly mention more than once if we uncover a red flag of this sort. Additionally, one can find our tips that are generally valuable for a general safe search of the web.

The number of gate of olympus demo presented

The smallest number of gate of olympus demo in a casino lobby is around 200, and our rating exponentially grows with extra hundreds added. Currently, the five stars assessments are given to lobbies with 800 gate of olympus demo or more. The total sum is not our only criterion, as we also look for diversity. From our research over the years, slots are the most sought-after. These can be further distributed between classic, video and jackpot slots. Our expectations also require the presence of card gate of olympus demo like poker and blackjack, green table variants like roulette, and obviously, live dealer stream-gate of olympus demo. A newly popular game specialty, Slingo, is also an appreciated addition. If one or more than one category is missing, we shall clearly mention this fact and assess it accordingly. 

Presenting the most popular Canadian game providers

Knowing how important it is to feel familiarity when playing, we scan the lobby for partnered game providers. We have high regard for platforms that present names such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Play N GO, or Yggdrasil. This list contains the top searched gaming outsources on our market, all with an impressive number of gate of olympus demo in their collection. However, we also positively mark websites that produce their own gate of olympus demo, creating an exclusive atmosphere for gamblers. For such a situation, we use the phrase in-house gate of olympus demo.

The availability and efficiency of customer support

When they pick a new online casino, players can use our guidance for a smooth succession of sessions. But when they need an answer directly while logged in, a well-prepared team of agents is necessary. Each existing help option is tackled by us, measuring reply time, friendliness and, of course, efficiency. Based on these, we give our rating and mention our opinions clearly in the reviews. We appreciate around-the-clock service and direct means of communication, such as phone lines, live chat, or Skype.

The casino bonus offer variation, including the loyalty scheme

We are very aware that casino incentives are the main fuel for the players’ attention. That is why we examine this website section in great detail. To be able to deliver an accurate depiction for our users, we read through the bonus policies, deposit the sums necessary, then play and test the offer ourselves. This way, we can come in contact with the possible issues that any regular gambler may have or sense the advantage that we will the point out. There are bonuses fit for green players who are just starting and the ones dedicated to either casino connoisseurs or high-roller. With this in mind, we make sure that we promote an appropriate site for anyone, no matter what their player status is, no matter their level of skill.

This distinction is always a principle we respect and use as a background when creating longer review texts. In such a way, we can decide how easy a gambling website adapts to the needs of a wide variety of player types. We believe and strive for an inclusive gambling atmosphere.

Our recommendation for fresh gamblers

We envision a specific set of standards when identifying and showcasing promo codes for newly starting players, just like we have mentioned in the previous lines. They are all defined by a small investment and a low level of risk and are usually given out to players at the start of their journey on the platform. Thus, players can most often see examples such as No Deposit or Free Spins bonuses. They involve some sort of attractive casino product, like bonus funds or spins on slots given after the gaming profile is confirmed. Next up, one can find welcome bonuses, which reward the first deposit made before playing (also called First Deposit Bonuses) or the first few deposits, depending on the casino’s approach. Let us not forget the no wagering promotions, which are not so frequently seen, which have no rollover tied to them.

What we think fits veteran players

On the other hand, we change our way of evaluating when thinking of players with a long-term experience. If someone has been playing for a while, that does mean that they will not receive bonuses anymore. They can choose from the following. Cashback bonuses, which are sent and calculated proportionally to the losses accumulated over time, are one option. Also relating to gambling sessions, we present a list of Reload Bonuses, which are triggered by deposits made to re-fund the gaming account. Lastly, people who like to wager high sums might be interested in high roller offers. These always have high stakes and potential significant jackpot sums to be won.

Technical and financial aspects which may affect the gameplay

Owner company and its business background

In a growing industry like ours, big business moves are a weekly or monthly occurrence. Once a casino is bought and integrated into another trust, it may, in most cases, change its terms of use and employees. Our reviews usually start with a company overview where news like this is always summarized for the readers’ convenience. Suppose any measure of the type happens post-review. In that case, we will update the readers through all our direct channels (see the sections above to find them exactly).

A fair service powered by a safe gaming licence

The Canadian marketplace accepts more than one authority to give licences to online casinos. We provide higher ratings to places that have received the seal of approval from The Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. For years, we have observed their way of research and control, and we are in agreement with the popular opinion that they are leading voices in this sphere of casino gate of olympus demo. We also accept websites licenced by the Curacao Gaming Control Board; they undergo the same audit of ours as all the other enterprises.

Methods of depositing money in the playing account

Variation is critical here, just like we have mentioned in other sub-sections. We give recognition to options that range from credit and debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency, whenever that is the case. As we mentioned before, we test out these features ourselves, just like all players do. Our important notes are about the minimum amounts accepted, how much time a player needs to wait before their deposit is processed, and exchange rates when applicable. Our tips in these passages relate to strategies for saving up money, fast approaches, private connections for payments, and adjacent subjects.

Withdrawals options and important notes

The same mini-tests performed for deposits are also done on withdrawals. The main reasoning we have and want to reinforce is that our initial experience mimics one of a passionate player. We need to mention that most casinos have less service available for cash out compare to the cash in the list. Again, the end of these particular review sections contains our advice on how to make fast and successful transactions and what to be extra careful with when using e-wallets, Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. There is always variation between platforms in terms of accepted sums transferable, time frames for waiting, processing steps they go through and similar things.

The existing of fees relating to any sort of financial transaction

In many places and instances, we advocate for players to have a well-prepared financial plan before gambling. Hence, we take the issue of extra charges seriously by making users aware of when and where it may arise. Most importantly, we show the exact sums that may appear if we are able to extract a definite amount. Readers most probably find that under the Be Aware points, as we decided to shine a light on them there. From what we have learned so far, fees appear from transactions, exchange rates, bank transfers, pay by phone bills and long-term inactivity of an account.

This is our minute plan of tackling a review, which is findable by clicking on the casino name brand from any of our bonus pages. Readers are strongly encouraged to read them and, if they desire, to leave us a comment relating to our analysis or their own experience as a user of the casino.